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"Bringing healing, friendship, spirituality and the joy of service to writing."

The philosophy I follow in deciding how to  charge for any of my workshops or anything I do, is based on a Buddhist principle called dana paramita and the concept of "Open Source." 

I prefer to offer my workshops on a suggested donation basis rather than ask for a fixed sum. This means that I rely on donations for all of my expenses. I believe that the practice of teaching unfolds best for everyone concerned when teaching-healing, and the support for it are given freely.

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What is an appropriate amount of dana paramita? I do not charge a fixed amount, but I do have some suggested guidelines. I allow each person to answer that question from her/his own heart and circumstances. Here are some guidelines. In the Sacramento area, I have seen facilitators offer my type of workshops for amounts that range from $25.00 to $100.00 per session.

"Dana paramita is a gift to ourselves because it is an opportunity to give freely. Giving and receiving are really part of the same whole."

Generosity and Giving, lead to Happiness, through Realizing Self-less-ness - NO Self, No-one, ALL ONE: The Giver, the Gift, the Giving and the Receiver are ONE.

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