A fire burns within us all.

Follow this link for an article by the ONS Voice highlighting one aspect of my offerings: Expressive Writing Can Help Patients Understand and Process Their Cancer Diagnosis

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John Crandall was born July 2, 1953, in the hospital (converted from a pig farm) at the Clovis Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico. As an Air Force brat, he lived in New Mexico, South Carolina, Northern and Southern Michigan, Oregon and Japan. As the eldest child of six in a military family, he assumed responsibility for his brother and sisters, as well as his mother, when his father was stationed elsewhere.

John has spent time as a surgical nurse, fire systems engineer, mason, electronics technician in the Air Force, refrigeration engineer, teacher, and executive director of a non-profit counseling agency that he founded. His education includes a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Doctorate-level Psychology courses. He has also attended additional classes and workshops in art, pottery, blacksmithing, foundry techniques, domestic violence, fire suppression, and writing.

Semi-retired, John is focusing on artistic endeavors. His interest in art has extended to metal casting (bronze, aluminum and iron) and blacksmithing. He is most happy when combining different media in his sculpture or learning new techniques. John continues adding to his repertoire through constant experimentation and education. New to writing, he has discovered a penchant for it and enjoys poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

John currently lives in Sacramento with his wife Denise, their dogs Molly and Trixie and the kitty Herman

John Crandall