A fire burns within us all.

         Photo by Chris Hedberg
For those who know, there are a few things wrong with this picture.

Fire Arts

For my entire life, I have sublimated my fascination with Fire through expressive arts. For a time, I was employed in the firefighting industry but found suppression unsatisfying. It took a while for me to figure out that my artistic choices revolved around the effects of fire on a matter. I studied at the Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, winning awards for my works there. I began exploring the shaping of metal in an adult education welding class I took with my wife. Then I discovered blacksmithing. I have been exploring the many ways that metal can be formed by the application of heat. Mokume Gane, a Japanese art form, and Damascus in its many forms have piqued my interest as well. I have studied various techniques involving molten metal, including the lost wax and sand casting of silver, bronze and aluminum. The fine folks, at Rainbow Glass, have introduced me to glass forming techniques another fire related art. I have just been introduced to the art of shaping molten granite and look forward to incorporating this art into my repertoire.  As you can guess, fire is my friend, but I also enjoy the written word, having published a book (now available as an ebook at Smashwords and contributed to several publications

For a number of reasons, most of them goodf, I have yet to realize the dream of shaping stone (granite) but I am anxious to see if my new foundry furnace is up to the job.  William Neves, and I have just about finished with our newest way to manipulate metal and other substances, like granite and then there are the rumors about melting pumice, hmmmmmm.

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