A fire burns within us all.

What to bring:

  • Safety equipment - see above.
  • Water (especially in the summer)
  • Any projects that y9ou might want to accomplish (right away or to work towards).

Blacksmithing FAQ

What to wear

  • Safety Gear - you may not need to wear some of this and or I have some to lend but it is best for you to be prepared.:
    • Eye protection
    • Hearing protection
    • Dust Mask
    • Cotton Gardening Gloves:  they will not shrink and capture your hands if you do pick up something hot.  Don't worry, we can/will talk about it.
  • Cotton clothing - it won't melt and stick to your skin: jeans, cotton (I suggest long sleeves)
  • Sturdy shoes that won't melt.  I have seen many a new person regret their decision to wear the wrong shoes.
  • Any tools that you might like to use or get advice on.